How to use relationship in pickpocketing

Hey WhatsApp guys, MJ here. Sorry I was not posting since few months but then recently something came in my mind and I decided to write it so here we go. Today we are going to talk about how you can use the relationship in pickpocketing. This is not a trick or something but a human nature.

So, to explain what to do let’s talk about does it really works?

See, if you are surrounded with people you don’t know personally then you may feel uncomfortable and if you are feeling uncomfortable then you may start paying attention to everyone’s movement.

But in the same place or party, if you are surrounded by people you know (doesn’t matter if you are very friendly of just know their name) then you may feel more comfortable and you will start enjoying the company. Let’s assume that in 70% of the cases, you will lose up your attention guard and that’s a pickpocket want. That’s that moment when someone can easily steal from you because you are not paying that much attention all the time.

I know I am bad in explaining also I don’t have good communication skills so I will try to put a SoundCloud audio here talking about same.



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I know this is not the perfect blog to learn pickpocketing but this is the best what I can do to share with you. I hope you understand. Have a good day. Cheers



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