Day 4- How to steal using camouflage technique

Hello there, Today we will learn our first real technique. I know that you are wondering till now that we didn’t discuss any technique. Actually, sometimes we need to know all the basics before we start. Understanding basics are very important, you probably remember your driving classes. They first taught what happens when you press which lever and what each lever or button stands for. So, today we will learn how to steal using camouflage technique.

steal using camouflage

pic credit – Pixabay

Previously, we learned about best possible locations any pickpocket could use. Then we discussed how to disguise like a professional pickpocket. Today, we will learn how to steal using camouflage technique in the real world.

Now, before we start, we need few things:

  • A Jacket or anything to hide primary hand
  • Magzine to hide another hand


Our target will be any lady who is carrying a purse with her. Now, her purse should be open and she should be busy in something like call or looking for something.

woman carrying a purse

Rough Idea of our victim

I know this image is not accurate but I believe that you got a sound idea of what we are looking for.Now, Purse should be loose and open. Because this is our first technique, I am taking best possible and easy scenario. once you get familiar with this technique, you can try it on any lady. Such lady standing in the crowd is the suitable victim for our steal using camouflage technique.


guy holding coat

Guy holding coat to hide his hand

Check full-size image here

Just like shown in Image above, We will use a jacket or a coat to hide our hand. This is the first step of our  steal using camouflage technique.

holding book on right hand to hide movement

Credit – Pixabay

Use a magazine or book on right hand to hide your movement. This will be the best disguise for you in this scenario.

How to Steal using camouflage technique in the real world

  1. Identify Target
  2. Disguise like character mentioned above (Book on right hand and coat on left hand).
  3. Target the object you want to steal.
  4. Make few rough plans in mind and choose best one
  5. Approach the victim without being noticed
  6. steal object using your left hand(hand holding jacket)
  7. keep walking and don’t look back.

Final Words

pickpocket final words

I hope you enjoyed this session. In this tutorial, we have learned how pickpockets steal using camouflage technique. If you like my work then spread this article with your friends and family. Also, check my other tutorials.
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