Day 7 – Why to stay away from Jeans?

Welcome my dear friends, Today we will discuss why we need to stay away from jeans. Stealing things from people is very easy these days why? because people are now busy on the smartphone all the time. They are already distracted and it is really a positive point for pickpockets.

Why I chose this topic for today?

Before I start, I want to tell why I chosen this topic. Actually, I not only want to teach you how to pickpocket but also how to avoid circumstances where you can be caught by people. It will be my best practice to provide you with much valuable information as I can.

So let’s get started.

What type of dress should we avoid?

When you go outside in any public place, you will face thousands of strangers. All of them wearing different clothes. So, now how to target the best person in the crowd is the biggest challenge. Identifying the perfect target for the pickpocket is very important. We can choose any random person for stealing things but a smart pickpocket will choose the target on which he/she will feel more comfortable and safe.

Don’t ever take risks

I always tried to teach you so that you can play a safe game. Don’t ever go beyond your limitations, it is not a video game or an act. If you get caught, you will be in real trouble. So always try to be in the safe area and limitations.

stay away from jeans

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Stay Away from Jeans as much as possible

In this tutorial, we will discuss why we should stay away from jeans as much as possible in real life pickpocketing sessions.

Jeans is an enemy of a pickpocket

Stealing something from jeans is one of the biggest challenges for a pickpocket. Jeans are usually of tight fitting. Back pockets are also tight. If you try to steal something, the person will feel the movement in his pocket.

A Pickpocket expert will always suggest avoiding person wearing jeans as much as possible.


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