How to Solo Pickpocket

Welcome to my another How to Pickpocket Tutorial. This is supposed to be day 12 of my how to pickpocket series so without wasting any seconds lets do this. Today we are going to talk about how you can pickpocket someone even when you are working alone, in other words, we are going to discuss “How to solo pickpocket “.

In this How to Solo Pickpocket tutorial, we will pay attention to several situations, limitations, and utilization of resources.

How to Solo Pickpocket Guide Keypoints

  1. You are a one man army
  2. Limitations
  3. Intelligent Plan
  4. Utilizing resources
  5. Action


One-Man Army

In such situations, you have to act like one man army. As the title clearly showed the seriousness to the scenario. You have to admit that you are alone in this action and you should do whole planning in that way.  Right now I am realizing that I haven’t written any article on how to hands you required for any pickpocket action, so I will try to cover that topic too. But for now use your instinct. If you believe that you can do this alone than plan in that way.



You probably already aware of this, In such situations you are working alone and you don’t have helping hands so will it affect you or your plan?

Of course, it will. See, if you ever played “HITMAN” (Video Game), you may know that there are always multiple ways to do anything, almost anything. whether it is stealing,doing any task. The action planning is all up to you. It’s you who will decide how to achieve your target.

You have come up with a plan which requires only 1 person as you are the only one available for this job.


Intelligent Plan

how to solo pickpocket - intelligent plan


“First idea is not always perfect”

Whether it is designing, crafting a headline, developing a business idea or making a master plan. Nothing comes at first. you have to brainstorm to get the perfect plan. Try to shape your idea and see if it is possible to achieve without any external help and resource. Always try to keep it simple. Simplicity is the key.

I personally suggest use prop for solo pickpocketing because it can give you advantages. If you don’t know what is a prop and how to use it then don’t worry, it is the next tutorial that I will write about so don’t forget to like my facebook page for regular updates.

Utilization of resources

No matter how perfect you are in your work. you should always use your valuable resources efficiently. Using props and resources efficiently will give you multiple benefits like it may reduce chances of getting caught and it will also help you in saving time and money. Whether it is money, hat,books , you should always use them carefully.


Lets talk about final showdown,

This is the stage where you actually go for the solo pickpocket. Always remember you are working alone and you won’t get any extra help at any point of the action so don’t go easy. Personally, I don’t support solo pickpocketing but it may be useful so I am talking about it.


This is all for this tutorial and if you have learnt a little bit about how to solo pickpocket then please let me know if the comment section. If you want me to write about something then you can also mention it down below. I know i Know I have very bad communication skills please don’t remind me that. i am working on it.

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