How to shoplift any item perfectly without being caught

Hello my fellow readers, today I am going to share a simple shoplift trick with you. This is based on distraction like other tricks.

So I will teach you, how to shoplift any item without being noticed.

To shoplift, you will need another pair of hands. This is easy if you have a partner with you.

how to shoplift in any shop


How to shoplift any expensive item smoothly

How does it work?
Both of you will enter the shop (with a gap of at least 5 minutes).
One will act as a distractor. Let assume that your partner will perform the distraction part.

Analyse the whole place
Before doing anything, take your time, analyse the whole shop and look for best possible option/thing you can steal. Always choose something which you can easily steal and take away with you without being noticed.

Worthy Item
Make sure that the thing you are stealing worth the risk. It should be small, easy to hide and valuable.

Avoid Surveillance
These days, every shop has set of the surveillance camera. Remember, getting spotted on camera is the worst thing you can do with yourself. Try to avoid camera as much as possible. There are so many tricks to avoid camera which you can try.
I will write about it soon.
Distraction is the key (As I always say)
In most of the case, distraction is the best option for preparing the scenario. your partner will perform this thing.
He will try to get the attention of all the shop representers and people in the shop. He can do anything except any hard call like stealing, abusing. Acting weird will do your work too.

just, for example, you and your partner went to a Smartphone gallery. Your partner will use the phone very suspiciously. Everyone will be alert and try to monitor his activity. If he is able to get all the attention then trust me, this is the time to do your part.

Now the most important part, showdown.
Now it’s your time. you have to do in like lightning Mcqueen (just kidding, I love that car). Do it as quick as you can. Steal it and leave normally.

Just for fun moment

As now we should have fun too. Let’s watch this guy how he feels about shoplift. He has faced charges so lets give it a try.

Attention: I know you want to do shoplift now. I believe you that you would be successful but wait, did you read this criminal charges which you may face in you get caught? check now

Note: I am not responsible for any action you make in your life by inspiring from my blog. This blog is only for hobby seakers. Try at own risk.

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