Day #2 : How to identify target for your first pickpocketing

how to identify target

Those who thinks pickpocketing is an easy deal then my dear friend you are completely wrong. Pickpocketing needs a lot of work, patience and of course practice. The more you practice the more you will do it fast. In this very first tutorial series of How to  master in Pickpocketing, we are going to learn how to identify the target for your very first pickpocketing. So let’s get started.

Two easy requirements for this pickpocketing course

Well unlike other card tricks and show-off stunts, pickpocketing is bit challenging. You should have lot’s of expertise in this area before trying it on any stranger (We strictly don’t support such anti-social activities).

If you haven’t tried pickpocketing then it is totally fine. I am assuming that you are a complete beginner. But there are few requirements for this course.

  • Focus
  • Will to practice

Yes, you read it correctly. These are my two requirements that you should fulfill. You must pay attention to each and every word I am telling you. This will help you understand what this is really about.

Learning things without practicing is completely waste. You have practice as much as you can to master in this space. If you have a lack of dedication that I will suggest you drop this course right now (Sorry for being harsh).

How to identify target for your the first pickpocketing

Targeting right person


In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to identify target for pickpocketing. Remember this is only for those who are trying pickpocketing the first time. You might be thinking that how can I talk about pickpocketing without teaching you how to do it? Actually, before we start I want you to give it a fair shot. 99% you will fail but that attempt will surely teach you.

Till now we have learned about the best environment for pickpocketing and best disguise that we should use for pickpocketing. Now we will learn who to target and how to identify them.



Siblings are the best choice for your the first attempt. Why choose them? because they are your family and they trust you. People may pay more attention to your movements if they don’t know you. So, siblings are a good fit for this act.


We all have our lovely relatives. For the first attempt, we need a weak target. When I say weak it means who we can target easily and I believe relatives are a good fit. Now try to avoid elder people as it may affect your relation with them rather try on your cousins.


Well, Some of you may not have siblings and relatives around you. Now, what can you do? well, you have your best friends. Friends are good for targeting. You can practice pickpocketing on your friend.

Last words:

I wish you will get a good target who trusts you. The more they trust you the more it will become easy to steal things. Now you know how to identify target for your first stealing activity. Feel free to comment below and please let me know who you targeted and how was your experience.

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