Day #3- How to disguise like professional pickpocket

After reading about how to pick the best location in the first tutorial and identify a target for your first pickpocketing, now we will talk about how to disguise like professional pickpocket. In this week, we will learn so many fundamental basics about pickpocketing. Things are easy but we need to keep practicing. Pickpocketing is all about perfection of hand moves.

disguise like professional pickpocket

Credit – Pixabay

Why is disguise important?

Disguise is very important if you are a part of any public act. As shown in the image above, Clown is always cover his real identity with a mask and different outfit. Hiding your real identity helps in many ways;

  • It boosts your confidence
  • give a better feel of the act
  • helps in avoiding known faces(very useful if our target personally knows us)

How to disguise like professional pickpocket?

All the pickpocket disguise according to environment and crowd. If you think that they do things randomly without thinking then you are wrong. Stealing something from the person’s pocket is not that easy. If you have be invisible. All the thief disguise to merge in the crowd.

disguise in crowd

picture credit- Pixabay


Being invisible is the key!

We usually think that guns or knives are real weapons of any pickpocket or thief but this is not completely true. A real pickpocket uses his appearance as a weapon. What if you become invisible, if you are an Invisible person then you don’t need any kind of weapon to steal anything.

If you want to disguise like professional pickpocket then you have to understand the real fundamental of term invisible.

Is it possible to become invisible?

I know what you are thinking and it’s a clear no!

Nobody can be invisible without highly expensive scientific equipment (if they exist). But when I am saying invisible, it means merging with the crowd and getting least of the attention.

Don’t look like ordinary personDon’t wear expensive things
Act like normal PersonDon’t look nervous
Try to keep walkingDon’t get any kind of attention



Final Words

Always remember, you should always look like a normal working person or any character which suits to the environment.

If you are in the party then you should look like a gentleman but if you are in meeting then probably business personality will do good. Always study the environment first.
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