Day 5 – Learn how distraction works every time

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In the tutorial, we are going to learn how distraction is being used since 80’s to pickpocket someone. According to an independent study,

Almost 48% people are well prepared to face such pickpocket. So, Now what we should do to get down their mind shield?

See, if your victim is aware that he may be robbed then it will be very hard to steal something from him/her. So the best way to steal is to use distraction technique.

What is distraction technique?

Distraction technique is nothing but a mind game to distract your victim and steal something from him. Normal when people walk or travel in the public area, they try to put all their valuable things very close to them. Now at this situation, it is very difficult to steal something from them.

distraction technique

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How distraction technique actually works?

Pickpockets generally set up a stage fight to distract their victim for few seconds. to steal something, pickpocket only needsΒ a few seconds. If he is an expert then he can do that in just matter of time. Always remember, pickpocketing is an art of perfection. Perfection is what we need most in this field. To get expertise in this field area, you have to work hard and practice as much as possible.

How many member we need for this act?

usually, a group of three people is enough for this act. Two will pretend to have a serious fight. They will try to get as much attention as they can and the third person will pickpocket the victim in the meantime.


Final Word:

I hope you liked this tutorial. For more in-depth knowledge about a pickpocket, please check our all latest tutorials. Always remember, distraction needs perfection and quickness.
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