How did I pickpocket the guy wearing skinny jeans?

Hello my dear readers, Wishing you a good day again. Sun is at the top and I am here writing another piece of content for you.

Before I start, I want to tell you why I am writing this article.

As usual, I went to the market yesterday. I saw something there. These days, Fashion among youngsters has been totally changed. I don’t why they follow such ridiculous wearing style.

I saw few guys near a coffee shop, there are talking about some football player. Then I realised that this would be the best scenario for pickpocketing as all of them are already distracted. But then I remembered that I have left pickpocketing for a reason and I should try to do anything.

What to do, Habits, hard to resist. But I controlled and I did let it go.

Then I saw a guy with a strange dressing style. He was wearing some kind of striped T-shirt and very skinny jeans. The dressing style wasn’t bad why he was looking very odd (I would prefer odd over bad, Bad has very strong vibration).

skinny jeans


Then I thought, stealing something from skinny jeans is very difficult and that was the perfect chance for me to try my skills. I know few minutes ago, I let few guys go for the sake of my promise.

Can skinny jeans lead you to serious trouble?

So, I realised that pickpocketing skinny jeans are much more difficult than it sounds. I came to know that wallet is very tight and it is very hard to steal it without being noticed.

And the answer to the frequently asked question is yes. You can face real serious trouble if you get caught. the chances of getting caught while stealing something from a tight pocket is  64% at best case.

How did I do that?

I went to the guy, I told him that I am looking for best but affordable hotel in the location. He said yes, He know few of them. Then I told him that his jeans is very tight. He said yes, it is skinny one.


skinny jeans and canvas shoes

Special ingredient of my trick

In most of the cases, we use Psychological cheat codes in the pickpocketing act. It is the best-known concept till now. I asked him about his hobbies, he mentioned that he love cricket. I told him that I have the same field of interest and I got the chance to meet few superstar cricketers. As I  told him that I met with them, he showed interest in my talk.

I told him that before moving to this city, I used to live in Delhi and I met with Virat and Dhoni too. He was impressed. I asked him to show me best batting move.

Now, I knew that I totally misdirected him for few seconds. That was the best chance for me to steal his wallet. The probability of getting succeed was around 56%(In really don’t know how I  calculated that) but anyways, I gave it a try and I succeed.

While he was showing me powerful batting move to hit six, I stole his wallet during his movement. I was lucky that he didn’t pay attention.


What did I do after that?

As I already mentioned that I don’t do pickpocketing for the living. I told him the truth. I told him that I was used to be a pickpocket master couple of years ago. And I wanted to try it on a guy who is wearing skinny jeans. I was lucky that he was very frank and nice person. He took it in a positive way and didn’t react anything odd.


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