Day 1 – Best 5 locations for pickpockets

Hello friends, Before we start, I want to tell you something. This website is completely free to use. However, there will be some recommended things will be there like E-book. is all about how to master in pickpocket. It’s my personal request to learn this as a hobby. I personally do not support pickpocketing for stealing purpose. I already mentioned that pickpocketing is one of the most sensitive and anti-social movement.

how to start pickpocket master course

Let’s get started,

Welcome to our very first pickpocket tutorial. In the lesson, we are going to learn about best locations for pickpockets. Pickpocketing is the skill of hand work. To master in this skill you must first master in your hand work. In this learning tutorials, we will cover each and everything that you will need to know for pickpocketing.

5 Best Locations for pickpockets – How to know which place is best for pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is easy when you are invisible. When I say invisible, it means you should be out of sight of the target.


The crowd is one of the best environment element for pickpocketing. You can easily merge into the crowd just after performing your pickpocket movement.


A market is one of easy place for pickpockets. Any Market usually holds several distracting elements which can help a pickpocket in hundreds of way. For example, Shops, vehicle, stuff. Pickpockets usually target those who are standing in a crowd and looking for something. When we are finding something, we usually don’t pay attention to our environment much. That moment is beneficiary for pickpockets, they can easily click in your pocket and steal money, wallet, keys etc.

best locations for pickpockets


Trains and buses are very easy to target someone. Because of the huge crowd, it is very hard to monitor everyone. Pickpockets perform their movement as the person is about to leave bus or train.

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