5 Pickpocket tools that can help while pickpocketing

Welcome to another pickpocketing tutorial. Most of you asked me about things a professional pickpocket keep with himself. So I thought I should talk about this too.Basically, there is nothing like a perfect list of pickpocket tools that you should consider carrying while pickpocketing someone but I will talk about 5 things that can help any pickpocket in general scenario, also I will mention when and how it can be used

5 Pickpocket Tools that can make your job smooth

Before I start talking about my basic 5 pickpocket tools, let me remind you that there is nothing like a perfect list of tools you should always have. It all depends on location and situation.

Sharp Blade

You should consider carrying a sharp blade for any job. Most of the professional pickpocket consider sharp small blade as an essential tool for basic daily life pickpocketing jobs. Like picking pockets. These blades can help you in various situations like some pickpockets don’t care about finger lock technique they  directly tear pocket with a sharp blade and steal wallet without being caught.

Long Tong

Tong is not an essential item in my pickpocket tools but it is worth mentioning that it can help you in daily basic jobs. Like Italian, most of the pickpocket in Italy use surgeon tong for pickpocketing someone. it is the best tool for stealing something deep inside the pocket or purse.

Compact Knife

Knife is a life savior for those who are very serious about this job. A professional pickpocket really understands the value of a knife in his life. A Knife can help him in a lot of ways. There can be some situation where you can get caught, at that time you can use the knife to defend yourself and run away. also, it can be used to tear hard things like jacket and jeans which a normal blade cannot do easily.

Signal Jammer

Well, this is not a handy tool for pickpocket but you can use it to ensure no one can call police while you are doing your job. Signal jammer is one of the best pickpocket tools that you can consider buying. There are some youtube tutorials available for making own signal jammer at home.

Paper pins for lock picking

Remember those days when you go to someone’s house and try to search fine pins to pick locks? a pickpocket always carries few pins no matter where he is going. These paper pins are very handy and anyone carries without any problem. Soon I will share a tutorial on how to pick locks using pins.


Pickpocketing Course

So, These are some pickpocket tools I usually consider carry for daily pickpocket jobs. it’s always better to be prepared for any kind job. I hope you liked my thoughts about pickpocket tools. If you have any query regarding this article then feel free to drop your comment below. I will try to reach you as soon as possible.


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