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What is a pickpocket?

Pickpocketing is a practice which involves stealing of valuable things from other’s pocket without letting them know at the time. Pickpocketing requires a lot of practice and techniques. There are so many thieves who use this technique to steal expensive stuff like wallet, phone, credit cards etc.

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Term pickpocket

Pickpocket is an English term used for that thief who holds expertise in stealing things from other’s pocket. This term became popular in mid 17th centuries before that such thief was known as cut-purses.

Pickpocketing as an occupation

Pickpocketing is a sort of art. When thieves are working in a group, they use to mix up several tricks to perform a perfect pickpocket.

They try to distract target by doing some action and another thief do his work in that moment. This distraction can be of any form. Usually, they ask a question, misguide and some other actions.

Pickpocketing as Entertainment

Pickpocketing is the very famous skill that is used as entertainment by magicians. Some famous magician uses pickpocketing skill to show off their hand skills. Sometimes this skill can be seen in circus too.

stealing from pocket- pickpocket

it is an Anti-Social Activity

Pickpocketing sounds really cool but only masters can do it without getting caught. If a person is caught doing such activity then he may face police or even court time. Learning to pickpocket as a hobby is no crime but using it for the wrong purpose like stealing is really acceptable and every individual should avoid it.

The best place to steal using pickpocketing skill?

Some believe that pickpocketing is very easy to do in public place. The crowded place is considered as  A place. It is very easy to steal in the crowded place. But according to a survey, place depends on gender.

As we can see in Wikipedia,

“ 80% of male pickpockets operated in public areas while 78% of female pickpockets operated in private places.”

How to master Pickpocketing

This website is totally dedicated to tricks and techniques used in pickpocketing. We collected amazing and crafted tutorials and videos for you to learn pickpocketing as a hobby. Using it as an illegal activity should be avoided and we really don’t want you to do such anti-social actions.

First thing First:

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 let’s talk about some famous pickpocket.

Bob Arno

Bob Arno - world fastest Pickpocket

Bob Arno is one of the most popular Pickpocket known worldwide for his skills. He is kind of celebrity in this area field. Bob now works as a security consultant. He is also having a place in  Wall Street Journal, CNN, New York Times.

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Pickpocket Mastering Tutorials

Why wait when you have everything to start? Watch your first tutorial today and learn how to do master in your priceless hobby. Happy learning. All the pickpocket tutorials are in Pickpocketing series. Make sure to learn everything.


Don’t go too close to victim while analyzing

Analyzing victim is considered as a best practice before the stealing act. try to do your pre-work as much as possible, because it can help you in many ways.

  • Sometimes, you may notice valuable thing which is easy to steal with the little amount of attention.
  • Few people don’t carry valuable things with them. It’s better to identify the chances of profit before doing pickpocket.
  • Always see if there is any chance to be caught. Don’t go if you are not feeling comfortable.

Analyzing is good but don’t over do it. Try to maintain a good distance from the victim. If he/she finds you suspicious, he will get alerted and  you may loose chance.


Girl vs Guy pickpocket Experiment

Well enough talking, now let’s check this video for an experiment done by coby to see social reaction when he steal from his partner’s purse and vice versa. It’s fun. Enjoy!


Ok, I am updating this tutorial on 27th April,2016. I was surfing Internet and I got this video( Video embedded below). In this video a couple showed how to pickpocket perfectly without being caught. Just to be clear, characters shown in the videos are real public and are not models or actors, at least I don’t think so.

Did you see?

The main motive to show this video is, if you are calm and professional, you can easily pickpocket anyone without being caught.

that couple showed how easy it is to pickpocket someone who is already distracted and busy in something.